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“This concert (America, My Home 2016) has greatly enriched my understanding and appreciation of the contributors of African-Americans to our cultural heritage. This concert was a life-changing experience for me!” —Concert Patron

America, My Home 2017:


October 15, 2017
2:00 p.m.

Lake Street United Methodist Church
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Brian Maki, narrator


  • How Can I Keep from Singing? Gwyneth Walker (b. 1947)
Quaker Hymn
Nancy Schwartzhoff, piano
  • The Road Home Stephen Paulus (1949-2014)
  • Good Night, Dear Heart Dan Forrest (b. 1978)
Nancy Schwartzhoff, piano
  • When Memory Fades Eric Nelson (b. 1959)
Nancy Schwartzhoff, piano
  • Goin’ Home Andrew Steffen (b. 1991)
Andrew Steffen, 2012-2014 Composer-in- Residence
Commissioned by The Master Singers, 2013
  • Afternoon on A Hill Eric Barnum (b. 1979)
Eric Barnum, 2013-2014 Composer-in-Residence
Nancy Schwartzhoff, piano
  • Fare Thee Well arr. James Mulholland (b. 1935)
Nancy Schwartzhoff, piano


  • David's Lamentation William Billings (1746-1800)
  • Requiem Eliza Gilkyson (b. 1950)
  • The Boy Who Picked Up His Feet to Fly Joshua Shank (b. 1980)
Regis High School Choir
Rebecca Santine, conductor
Elizabeth Wilson, piano


  • If Music Be the Food of Love David Dickau (b. 1953)
Nancy Schwartzhoff, piano
  • October Song Zachary Moore (b. 1992)
Max Garland, Wisconsin Poet Laureate, 2014-2015
Zachary Moore, 2014-2016 Composer-in-Residence
Commissioned by The Master Singers, 2015
Nancy Schwartzhoff, piano
  • O Love Elaine Hagenberg (b. 1979)
Elaine Hagenberg, Composer-in-Residence, 2018-2019
Nancy Schwartzhoff, piano
  • Waves that Seek the Shore Connor Koppin (b. 1991)
Composer-in-Residence, 2016-2018 – Premiere
Commissioned by The Master Singers, 2017
  • Please Stay Jake Runestad (b. 1986)
Nancy Schwartzhoff, piano
  • You Are the Music Dan Forrest
Nancy Schwartzhoff, piano
Charles Tibbetts, French horn
  • Unclouded Day arr. Shawn Kirchner (b. 1970)
Three American Songs, No. 1

Waves that Seek the Shore

Sara Teasdale, poet

I have remembered beauty in the night,

Against black silences I waked to see

A shower of sunlight over Italy

And green Ravello dreaming on her height;

I have remembered music in the dark,

The clean swift brightness of a fugue of Bach's,

And running water singing on the rocks

When once in English woods I heard a lark.

But all remembered beauty is no more

Than a vague prelude to the thought of you --

You are the rarest soul I ever knew,

Lover of beauty, knightliest and best;

My thoughts seek you as waves that seek the shore,

And when I think of you, I am at rest.

Connor Koppin, Composer-in-Residence, 2016-2018